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fits caterpillar® Core As Oil Cooler (1W6720, 1328590, 9N3586)

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Description 0R8086 - Core As Oil Cooler (1W6720, 1328590, 9N3586)

Number of supply offers presently founded - four.

Available price rank on ebay starts at eight hundred and eighty-nine dollars, eighty-seven cents, quantity of suppliers found is one.

Suggestions for substitution options is three, available price range for cross-numbers is three hundred and twenty-eight dollars, nine cents to five hundred and fifteen dollars, eighty-four cents.

For part number 0R8086 Core As Oil Cooler, the following cross numbers are available: 9N3586, 1328590.

Specifications: weight (lbs) 1. For these parameters shipping cost for mainland USA is thirty-one dollars, fifty-one cents.

Product 0R8086 Core As Oil Cooler has categories: Filters, Other Cooling system, Cooling system, Oil Coolers.

Reliability- You can have peace of mind with a full warranty on our Reman components Availability- For your convenience, our Reman components are available worldwide and ready to install Lower Cost- Experience lower cost with our fraction-of-new pricing on Reman components* Quality Parts- To keep you running, we rigorously qualify all parts, and remanufacture components to Caterpillar specifications; and only Cat Reman has access to Caterpillar specs. Critical Updates- Providing you the latest in product development, we upgrade Reman components to include critical design improvements

Specifications 0R8086 - Core As Oil Cooler (1W6720, 1328590, 9N3586)

Weight (lbs):
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$31.51 (Сountry: Thailand )
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14/11/2019 19:40:42 #
Xcellent service
I paid for the goods in aftermarket condition. I am pleased with the order. Arrived! Thanks! MH
21/09/2019 19:34:04 #
I paid for the order which was in stock but a store representative contacted me and said that the product is not in stock.
I was offered a substitute at the same price.
I am pleased with work
23/08/2019 21:29:52 #
Great shipping , Great product
Nice item....Fine service....Thanks!
26/07/2019 01:24:34 #
very quick shipping and just what I needed
I got return of shipping cost because I have my own account at delivery services FED EX. Great to work with
13/06/2019 09:41:24 #
5R Processors and Tavtas enjoyed doing business with you!
I paid the shipping cost for spare parts to state Florida but the seller put an additional invoice what surprised me. But I am pleased with the order. Seller saved me a lot of grief by providing good item and fast service

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