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fits caterpillar® Reman Cylinder Pack (1495566, 224, 1495566LK, 1337537)

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Description 0R8913 - Reman Cylinder Pack (1495566, 224, 1495566LK, 1337537)

Quantity of supply options available to our system - one thousand, three.

Available price rank on ebay begins at one hundred and seventy dollars, sixty-seven cents to one thousand, ninety-nine dollars, sixty-five cents, number of suppliers found on - three.

Suggestions for substitution options is one thousand, minimum and maximum price for goods substitutes is eight dollars, forty-two cents to one hundred and fifty-eight dollars, six cents.

For part number 0R8913 Reman Cylinder Pack, the following cross numbers are available: 7W2293, 7C6208, 9N6275, 2382716, 4P1549, 2243028, 1077791, 1326663, 5M1784, 8S2240, 1300241, 226-4487, 226-4579, 2M5558, 9N5250, 8N3182, 1051710, 3715941, 2P8889, 1105800, 1979322, 9N5251, 4P2654, 2W8410, 2W6000, 7W3550, 1290358, 2W8410K, 224-3714X, 5S6346, 1646560, 1051710LK, 8N9174, 2900017, 1654262, 7E4729, 2W0865, 9Y7212, PK8410, 224-3346X, 2W4831, 9Y4004, 9N5405, 226-4518X, 224-3361X, 2506556, 2W4831K, 1W6757, 226-4493X, 224-3347X, 224-3360X, 1684531, 9Y3116, 226-4493, 224-3360, 1495566, 4N9258, 2W4831LK, 7E4729K, 3S4028, 8N5676, 224-2188X, 224-2188X.020, 226-4506X, 224-3361, 1010016, 7C3406, 1548087, 224-3369X, 224-3202X, 1073565, 8N3182LK, 4P2990LK, 3S1826, 7C2888, 3780509, 2W8410LK, 226-4506, 224-3395X, 224-2568X, 9Y9889, 1168154, 224-2188, 8N3182K, 1646560LK, 1654262LK, 7E8700, 7N0943, 1238206, 9N5249, 1646560K, LK5250, 1290358LK, 7N5681, 224-3244X, 1601131, 7E0539, 9N5250LK, 2M5558K, 1654262K, 226-4518, 224-3023X, 224-3245X, 224-3368X, 1352837, 7E4729LK, 1290358K, 7E3888, 224-2568, 1684531K, 2W9053, 9Y7212LK, 3S4030, 9N5250K, 224-3396X, 224-3297X, 9Y8217, 224-3395, 224-3268X, 2117826, 224-3034X, 1168154LK, 224-3368, 2M5558LK, 1601131LK, 1014140, LK3116, 224-3586X, 1684531LK, 9Y4004LK, G927H, 224-3748X, 224-3369, 224-3028X, 7N4515, 224-3297, 226-4557X, 9Y4004K, 226-4465X, 7N1366, 9Y7212K, 9Y9889K, LK5036, 226-1988, 1073565LK, 1807352, G970H, 226-4465, 224-3396, 224-3588X, G973H, 1136045, 9Y3116LK, 224-3586, 9Y9889LK, 224-3244, 7S6792, 226-4557, 1548087LK, 224-3291, 224-3034, 226-4505X, 7N5036, 224-3023, 2212305, 7E8700LK, 8S4636, 226-1685.

Specifications: weight (lbs) 1. For these conditions shipping cost is fifty-seven dollars, seven cents.

Part number 0R8913 Reman Cylinder Pack used in: Engine, Hydraulic, Cylinder, Cylinders.

Reman Cylinder Pack 0R8913 can be installed in machinery Caterpillar ENGINE - GENERATOR SET 3406E, ENGINE - INDUSTRIAL 3406E, ENGINE - TRUCK 3406E.

Remanufactured Cylinder Packs are an assembled connecting rod, piston, piston rings, piston pin, retainers, cylinder liner, and liner seals.

Specifications 0R8913 - Reman Cylinder Pack (1495566, 224, 1495566LK, 1337537)

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$31.51 (Сountry: Thailand )
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12/11/2019 17:17:19 #
Arrived as pictured
good product and fast delivery.
10/10/2019 06:52:21 #
Good deal! Thanks!
I got return of shipping cost because I have a personal account in delivery service USPS. GREAT PRICE!! FAST DELIVERY,GREAT SERVICE!!
31/08/2019 04:10:12 #
good and just as described
05/08/2019 02:56:55 #
Great product, fast shipping, recommend highly, would purchase from again!
11/02/2018 11:49:25 #
I have placed an order with status In Stock but a store representative contacted me and said that the goods are over.
I was offered an analogue with the same price.
I am pleased with the product

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