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fits caterpillar® Nozzle As Fuel Valve (8N8796, 7S9891, 7S8722)

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Description 8N4694 - Nozzle As Fuel Valve (8N8796, 7S9891, 7S8722)

Presently for code 8N4694 NOZZLE market price complies - fifty-two dollars, sixty-one cents. Offers quantity available on the market - twenty-five. total stock of goods - one. Supplier prices vary from twenty dollars, eight cents, number of options found - twenty-five.

Suppliers prices on ebay begins at fourteen dollars, ninety-nine cents to one hundred and sixty-three dollars, eight cents, quantity of suppliers found on is thirteen.

The number of offers with replacement options is eleven, supplier prices for interchanges are in range twelve dollars, five cents to thirty-seven dollars, seven cents.

Offer to buy online has a price twenty dollars, eight cents, condition of the part - used.

For spare part 8N4694 NOZZLE, cross-number options available: 8N8796, 7S9891.

Product Specifications: weight (lbs) 0.2. For these parameters shipping cost in the United States equals nineteen dollars, ninety-five cents.

Part number 8N4694 NOZZLE compatible to: Engine, Hydraulic, Fuel injection, Valves, Nozzles.

Specifications 8N4694 - Nozzle As Fuel Valve (8N8796, 7S9891, 7S8722)

Weight (lbs):
Approx shipping cost:
$57.07 (Сountry: Russia )
Interchange number:
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21/10/2019 22:54:18 #
Nice parts Thanks !!!!!!!!
No problems. Highly satisfied
22/09/2019 22:19:48 #
on top of things quick!!
Great E bay seller. Will buy from again. Got here in great shape.
27/08/2019 16:25:04 #
Satisfied customer. Thanks
Fast shipment, great transaction
29/07/2019 01:14:01 #
excellant transaction thank you
My order reached me in two days after payment. Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
14/01/2019 15:25:27 #
Delivery of spare parts to the state Connecticut was carried out 6 days. had everything I needed except the nedle valve hanger.Thanks

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